Cereal-sly Cool Rainbow Craft

  • Fruity, colorful cereals (Choose from a variety of different shades, shapes and textures, for example, Magic Spoon’s Fruity cereal, Love Grown’s Truly Fruity Stars, Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, Post Fruity Pebbles, etc.)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Glue (squeezable white glue recommended)
  • Paper or paper plates to form a rainbow on

Growing minds need time and space to be creative. When kids engage in hands-on crafts, they’re not just spending time away from a screen, but are activating their imaginations, sharpening their motor skills, practicing self expression and building self esteem. Projects like these can also be a great social peer to peer experience, or fun bonding time with parents.

As a school art project or an after school activity, this simple, yet fun Cereal-sly Cool Rainbow Craft gives kids a chance to learn about and interact with all the colors of the rainbow. So grab a Clover the Rainbow smoothie, and let’s get started!


  1. Separate each cereal color into various bowls
  2. Place piece of paper or paper plate on a flat surface
  3. Squeeze onto paper in an arch, to make the outermost rainbow layer
  4. Press the red cereal (or whichever color you decide to use first) against the glue arch, filling the outer layer of the rainbow
  5. Continue the above process until all color layers are created under your first arch
  6. Once you have finished gluing the cereal to make the rainbow, grab a handful of marshmallows
  7. Add glue dots at each end of the rainbow
  8. Press the marshmallows onto the glue to create two “clouds” at the ends of the rainbow
  9. Keep flat, allowing glue to dry before hanging/displaying