Clover Sonoma and the San Francisco 49ers Find a Clover the Rainbow® Star!

Clo the Cow and Sourdough Sam scouted for the next generation star via the 49ers PREP program and schools across the Bay Area. Being a Clover the Rainbow® Star is about showing your true colors and making a difference. Adults nominated kids (ages 5-12) in their Bay Area community who were shining bright – being their creative, curious, and compassionate selves. Those students, peers, friends, and family members had to have accomplished one or more of the following things:

  • Taken steps towards achieving a goal or dream;
  • Supported the community or volunteered time; and/or
  • Showcased a unique talent.

One lucky winner, who had an inspiring story about how they help their community and inspire change, was selected. Eleven year old Krish from Walnut Creek, California is a typical tween who plays flag football, baseball, basketball, and golf; and he bleeds red and gold as a 49ers Faithful Fan! He attends sixth grade and loves tinkering with new ideas, science, math, and writing. He leads a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right, and enjoys powering up with Clover Sonoma milk and Clover the Rainbow® smoothies.

Krish is also a special, caring and kind kid who has stood up to bullies and spent time with peers who are more isolated at school. He is also a kid of action, having lobbied the city government to have lights installed at a local golf course parking lot to keep his community safe from robberies. When teachers at his school were too busy to participate in a MathHoops program, he organized a league of his own, so he and his friends could participate. Now, he is even lobbying the PGA, so the PGA Jr. League is available to all kids and not just members of country clubs.

For all of this, Krish has won an awesome prize pack including:

  • Tickets to a 49ers game with VIP access
  • An action-packed throw down with the 49ers Sourdough Sam and Clover Sonoma’s Clo the Cow
  • 49ers & Clover the Rainbow® merchandise
  • A year supply of Clover the Rainbow® products
  • School Scholarship worth $2,500

Thank you to Krish and all the nominees! We support you in continuing to “Power Your Brilliance™” as true changemakers in your communities.