Clover Cares about FEAST Feeding Families

As part of our Clover Cares partnership with nonprofit FEAST, we’re excited to announce FEAST launched an 8-week Family Feeding Program at  the Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA). A longtime program partner, FEAST has served many HOLA  parents through their 16-week Wellness Program, and recently launched this 8-Week Feeding Families Program with their first participants – both adults and children – graduating at the end of March. 

The 8-week Family Feeding Curriculum includes recipe sharing and creation, exploring tastes and preferences, tasting healthy foods in the colors of the rainbow, sharing circles for caregivers, education around feeding and eating styles, as well as grocery shopping and kitchen-ready tips.

We are excited to join FEAST in launching this valuable program for FEAST families in Los Angeles. We invite you to share these printable coloring pages created for the program with your kids and help them understand the value of eating healthy foods in the color of the rainbow!

Maya, age 3, loves the kitchen! She’s participating in FEAST’s Family Feeding program with her mom, Gilda. Through the program, Maya learned how she can help her mom in the kitchen, and now they cook together. Maya handles the fruits and veggies, and she’s starting to learn that they are healthy.


One night when mommy said, “What are we going to eat?” Maya replied, “veggie soup and my favorite green smoothie!”

Mia (age 6) and Leilani (age 2) joined FEAST’s Feeding Families program with their mom Yesenia Mazariegos. Their favorite “start to the day is the choco smoothie!” Packed with nutrients, just add any fruit, veggie or Clover Sonoma yogurt for added protein.