It’s Pasture Bedtime!

Did you know that Clover has a children’s book? We do –– created in celebration of our iconic mascot, Clo the Cow. You may recognize her from the Clover the Rainbow package! Pasture Bedtime is a picture book authored and illustrated by Clover Sonoma billboard artist and punster Anne Vernon, and produced by Petaluma-based Roundtree Press, available in Bay Area bookstores, Copperfield’s, Amazon, and here online. All proceeds from the book benefit Bookstormer Foundation, a Bay Area non-profit providing books for students in Title I schools.

A Day in the Life of Mama Clo
In the colorful pages of Pasture Bedtime, Clo and her calves Cookie, Poppy, and Lucky frolic in spring fields, spot shapes in the clouds, and take copious naps before night falls and Mama Clo puts her children to bed. When you live with Clo on a dairy farm, life is full of nature, sweet sensations, and gentle adventure. Moon-gazing, mud-baths, friendly bees and fireflies are all part of the whimsical world of Pasture Bedtime. Mama Clo captivates and relaxes her rambunctious calves (and the listener) into slumber, with a delightful bedtime lullaby. Pasture Bedtime is the perfect way to celebrate Clo, along with the community of family-owned dairy farms and beautiful land that she represents.

“I have drawn Clo and lived in her sweet-natured universe for over twenty years,” said Anne Vernon, Pasture Bedtime author and illustrator. “Clo’s fans faithfully await each billboard, and delight in her punny happiness and humor. For the first time in book form, Pasture Bedtime joyfully opens up the world of Clo and her calves to her adoring fans.”

The community has taken ownership of Clo, and rightfully so. Without their support, Clo would not have flourished and grown into the icon she is today. Clo exists because of the wonderful company she represents. Clo’s values are Clover’s values: integrity and compassion for the earth and its inhabitants in thought, word and deed.

About the Author and Illustrator
Anne Vernon is an award-winning fine artist and illustrator based on the Northern Coast of California. For over 20 years, Vernon has been illustrating Clo and coming up with the witty puns alongside her artwork. Anne’s creative agency, VeVa Communications, has won local, regional, national, and international awards for Clo’s sustainable and whimsical adventures. Anne is also a Women and Industry Award Recipient (Commission on the Status of Women Award), and a Cultural Arts Council Award Winner for Achievement in the Arts.