Nutritious Smoothies the Whole Family Will Love

Somewhere Clover the Rainbow – exists a perfect smoothie for kids of all ages! And now it’s HERE!

As a family-owned dairy company, we know the importance of family, and the role a nourishing diet plays in overall well-being. Clover the Rainbow organic kids’ smoothies deliver the nutrition children need as they grow and develop while supporting healthy eating habits through a balanced diet.

For kids (of all ages), whole nutrition means getting the right nutrients from high-quality sources. We believe organic dairy, with its limited ingredients, low sugar, high calcium, and the right ratio of carbs to protein is about as good as it gets. And we also believe fruits and vegetables play an important role too. Eating the colors of the rainbow offers the fuel and nutrients we need to take on life’s everyday challenges. But it can be tricky to get your kids to want to eat fruits and veggies.

And no matter how good a food is for you, it has to be tasty. We amp up the flavor and the fun with exciting colors, new formats, fruits, and a hint of vegetables. Our vibrant approach to nutrition means the whole family learns about the importance of eating and drinking all colors of the rainbow.

We’re starting with Clover the Rainbow Smoothies, with much more goodness following soon! Available in three flavors, Blueberry Beet, Strawberry Banana Butternut, and Strawberry Carrot, each bottle contains:

  • USDA Organic Smoothies made with REAL fruit and veggies and no artificial flavors or sweeteners which is…designed to help teach kids about eating the rainbow of fruits and veggies as part of a healthy diet!
  • And it is the ONLY
  • American Humane Certified smoothie in the marketplace!
  • 8g of protein, and a good source of calcium
  • Billions of probiotics to support tummy health

Nourishing snacks offer the opportunity to #poweryourbrillance throughout the day!